10 Best Tutorials for Creating Magazine Layouts in Adobe InDesign

No matter what kind of magazines you want to create, one thing is certain: you need to create a layout that grabs the attention and is pleasant on the eye. Thanks to InDesign, you can easily create complex and beautiful magazine layouts.

In this roundup, we’ve gathered the best magazine layout tutorials for InDesign. You will learn the basics, from setting up the grid and the pages properly to manipulating images and text to achieve a unique look.

How to Create a Magazine in InDesign

This tutorial will teach you how to create two full layouts in InDesign for a foodie magazine. It starts off with setting up the document correctly, follows it up with laying down the grid, and then finishes off with creating the actual layouts.

How to Create a Simple Magazine Template in InDesign

Learn how to create a magazine layout template that you can use over and over again, anytime you need to create a magazine. The tutorial walks you through the details of setting up the cover page and the inner pages as well as creating sections, masters, page numbers, and headers.

Nomad Magazine Layout (Adobe InDesign Template)

Don’t have time to create a magazine layout from scratch? Check out this magazine layout from Envato Elements. The template comes with 32 pages and includes typography styles as well as automatic page numbering.

How to Create a Magazine Article Spread With InDesign

Thanks to this tutorial, you will be able to create an attractive layout for your magazine articles. The tutorial shows you not only how to set up the grid but also how to work with text, images, and more.

Design a Fashion Magazine Cover

Throw on your best outfit and learn how to design a fashion magazine cover. The tutorial covers everything from setting up the grid to using layered images, applying typography, and pricing and binding.

Lifestyle Magazine Template (Adobe InDesign Template)

Try this magazine template if you’re looking to design a lifestyle magazine. The template from Envato Elements includes 32 pages and two different cover designs.

How to Create a Magazine Layout in Adobe InDesign & Photoshop

Use this video tutorial to learn how to create a magazine layout. Throughout the tutorial, you’ll use both InDesign and Photoshop to create a magazine for web use. You’ll also learn the difference between creating a print magazine and a web magazine.

How to Create a Three-Page Magazine Spread

Take your magazine layout skills to the next level by learning how to create a three-page magazine spread. The tutorial will show you how to create a standard article layout with an add thrown into the mix.

Travel Magazine Template (Adobe InDesign Template)

Dreaming about starting your own travel magazine? Try this travel magazine template from Envato Elements and make your magazine a reality. The template comes with more than 20 pages, preset typography styles, and image placeholders.

How to Control Multiple Page Sizes in InDesign

This tutorial uses a fake magazine layout to show you how to work with pages that have different sizes. Along the way, you will also learn how to create gatefolds and add a spine to your magazine.

How to Design a Magazine in Indesign

Learn how to use InDesign to create a magazine layout and apply those techniques to a variety of documents. The tutorial dives into all the tools you need to create effective layouts.

Food Magazine Template (Adobe InDesign Template)

Design a mouth-watering magazine for foodies with this Envato Elements template. The template has a clean design and comes with 15 pages, automatic page numbering, master pages, and typography styles.

How to Design a Magazine Spread in InDesign

In this over-the-shoulder tutorial, Adobe’s very own Erik Kirtley designs a magazine from scratch. This in-depth tutorial is a perfect opportunity to watch a pro at work and you’ll also hear answers to some commonly asked questions about magazine layouts and InDesign in general.

How to Design a Magazine Article Layout in Adobe InDesign

This quick video tutorial will show you tips and tricks for creating various magazine layouts from scratch. Taught by Adobe evangelist, Terry White, the tutorial explains how to recreate existing magazine layouts as well as how to design one from scratch.

Sport Magazine Template (Adobe InDesign Template)

Create an attractive sport magazine with the help of this template from Envato Elements. The template includes more than 20 pages and a detailed help file so you can easily customize the design to your needs.


Creating your own magazine layout in InDesign might seem tricky but with the help of the tutorials on this list, you’ll soon be able to create complex and attractive magazines. And if you need to save time or want a magazine template to study, check out these templates from Envato Elements.

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