10 Stunning Templates for Creating Event Posters in Photoshop & Illustrator

Whether you need to promote an upcoming music concert, an art festival, or a sports game, you will need to create an effective promotional poster to help spread the word about it.

With an attractive poster, you can pique the interest of your target audience, share all the essential information about the event, and make it easy for people to know where and how to register for the event.

Creating posters used to take a long time, but nowadays, you can significantly speed up the process thanks to excellent, premade templates that save time while designing. In this collection, we’ve rounded up the best templates for creating posters.

Photography Poster Template (By VisualColony, Photoshop PSD Format)

This photography poster template comes with a creative and minimalist design that can easily be tweaked to promote any event. The template uses free fonts, which are linked to in the help document, and you’ll also find well-organized layers and editable and resizable shapes.

Sport Poster Template (By VisualColony, Photoshop PSD Format)

This modern sports poster template is perfect for promoting any sporting event. Since the template uses editable and resizable shapes, you can easily customize it to fit an upcoming basketball or baseball game. The template was designed in A4 size and CMYK color mode.

Music Poster Template (By VisualColony, Photoshop PSD Format)

This is an elegant poster template that would be great for promoting an upscale music event. The template was designed in Photoshop and in A4 format, and includes fully editable shapes and free fonts.

Camping Event Poster Template (By Micromove, Adobe Illustrator Format)

This camping event template is perfect if you want to promote a camping or outdoor event. The template has been designed in A4 size and comes with free icons and a layered structure for easy editing in Adobe Illustrator.

Fashion Poster Template (By VisualColony, Photoshop PSD Format)

This fashion poster template would be great for a fashion show, but thanks to its minimalist design, you can easily repurpose it for any event type.

Music Poster & Flyer Template (By TMint, Illustrator Format)

This creative template for a music event features an elegant and minimalist design. Created with Adobe Illustrator, all the shapes and icons can easily be edited. The template includes separate layers for better organization and easy editing and a document with links to the fonts used.

Electro Musik Flyer & Poster Template (By Lilynthesweetpea, Photoshop & Illustrator Formats)

Electro Musik includes both a flyer and a poster template dthat has been created for Illustrator and Photoshop. This template pack features a modern and colorful design and well-organized layers.

Burger Poster Template (By Guuver, Photoshop PSD & Illustrator Formats)

Look no further than this poster template if you’re promoting a fast-food restaurant or need a poster with food establishments in mind. You’ll find a poster designed in a retro style that’s compatible with Photoshop and Illustrator.

Music Jazz Flyer & Poster Template (By Vynetta, Photoshop & Illustrator Formats)

The Music Jazz poster and flyer template features a slightly vintage look and is a great choice for promoting a concert or music event. The template can be edited with Photoshop and Illustrator and includes well-organized layers for easier editing.

Outdoor Event Poster Template (By Moodboy, Photoshop PSD Format)

Consider the Outdoor Event Poster if you need a template for marketing an outdoor event. This template is easy to edit with Photoshop and includes six color schemes and a help document with links to the fonts used.

Flat Space Poster Template (By EightonesixStudios, Photoshop PSD Format)

The Flat Space Poster is a colorful and modern template that can be used to bring awareness to any event. You will find well-organized layers, and the template can be exported in either A4 or A5 format.

No matter what event you need to promote, you don’t have to waste time and start a poster design from scratch.

Thanks to these creative poster templates, you can design posters quicker, save time in your design process, and be able to take on more work. Use this roundup to find the perfect template for your needs.

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