30 Quirky & Highly Creative Free Fonts for Designers

Regardless of the project, fonts will always play a pivotal role in design. A carefully selected typeface has the power to completely change the message and feeling you are to convey, and can elevate your design from the average to the inspiring.

However, very few designers are brave enough to step away from the safety of a clean serif or sans-serif. And even fewer will step away from choosing a non-conformist, rule-breaking, quirky font like the selection we have for you today.

Maybe the time has come for you to get truly creative and break your design rules.

If you want to make your designs unique and stand out from the crowd, there are many quirky and highly creative fonts available that you can download for free. So, today we have brought our favorite quirky and highly creative fonts from the past few years together for this collection.

These free fonts may not be for everyone, but they will undoubtedly help get your creative juices flowing. We hope you enjoy our collection!

Quinlliyk Free Retro Font by Creatype Studio

Billy Free Typeface by Claire Joines

Oatmeal Jack Font on Envato Elements

SuperDuper Free Sans-Serif Font by Asaf Hagag

Molen Free Display Font by Nurrontype

Morning Glory Font on Envato Elements

Newsense Free Font by Adrian Candela

Mathlete Free Typeface by Mattox Shuler

Leah Gaviota Font on Envato Elements

Dugas Pro Free Condensed Font Family by Jacek Macha Machowski

Bisect Free Display Font by Darumo

Reiju Font on Envato Elements

Ontwerp Monospaced Typeface by Ill Type

Glitch Free Font by Subversivetype

California Jackpot Font on Envato Elements

Valkyrie Free Type Family by Hendrick Rolandez

London Font by Antonio Rodrigues Jr

Portica Regular Typeface by Michael Nunes

Quirky Nots Free Font by Amit Jakhu

Higher Free Font by Marisa Passos

The Night Watch Free Font by obys

Better Hobby Free Display Font by Letterhead Studio

OTF Glusp Free Font by obys

Skra Free Hand-Drawn Font by Delightful

Current Free Typeface by Matt Pendrill

Far Out Free Display Font by Gaby Bacani

Elianto Free Font by Emanuele Papale

Azonix Free Modern Font by Mixo

Rhyder Free Font by Adrian Candela

Misto Free Font by Katerina Korolevtseva

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