5 Best Marketing and SEO Tips to Follow in 2021

With each day passing by, search engines are getting smarter. Doing on-page SEO and just putting Keywords every now and then in your content, will not be anymore helpful to you if you want to rank your website on top of the search engines.

The Covid pandemic has shown business owners a new direction of business i.e, working online, which is much faster and economical for you if followed in the right way. So, with this surge in the online business in 2021, you can only survive on the internet if you have your A-game on, in both marketing and SEO

Trust me it is not as difficult as you are thinking, you just need the right direction. And we will provide you that direction in this article, just follow these tips are good to go in the tough competition of the online industry.

So, let’s get started!

1.    Focus on SEO optimization and GMB listing

Focus on your Website SEO foundation, do the SEO audit of your site, and fix each possible error like 404 pages, content optimizations, and redirects. The speed of your website plays an important role in determining the traffic of your website.

 Google my business listings is another important factor For SEO marketing. Almost 70 % of internet users care about the online reviews of the website they are interacting with. So, take special care of your GMB listing optimization. If you have changed your business email, address or phone, do not forget to update this information in GMB, it will make it easy to navigate your website by your user.

 2. Value the Feedback of Customers


If you own a business you must have heard that “the customer is always right.” In this era, your website is the most important part of your business. Value the feedback of you customer, if they have given you some feedback or left some suggestions, respond them in the best way possible and try to solve their queries. User’s trust and their security should be your first and foremost priority.  

If you want to see your website on the first page of search engines, you need to update your marketing strategy and SEO strategies on the same page. Believe us this will increase the organic traffic of your website and give you more business opportunities.

3.    Keep your Content As Simple As Possible

No one wants to come to your website just to read some complex structures, random jargon, and unnecessary stuffing of keywords. Simplicity is the key. A person is on your website because he wants a solution to his problem, solve its problem and give him the best solution.

You must be thinking? What’s the rocket science in it? Everybody knows it! Exactly everybody knows it but no one considers these simple tips while doing the SEO of their website. So, if you follow these tips it will make a huge difference for your website traffic and hence the marketing of your business.

4.    Make your Website Mobile Friendly

The shift of internet users from desktops to Laptops and from laptops to mobile is right in front of your eyes. Almost 65 % of the consumer prefers using internet on their mobiles. So if you are ignoring the mobile version of your website, you are depriving your business of that 65 % of the consumers. Not the wisest thing to do, Right!

So do some homework on the mobile version of your website, create mobile-friendly content for your website with the help of accelerated mobile pages (AMP), get in touch with your local Google My business to promote your site, and last but not the least, consider text message marketing to reach the masses.

5.    Optimize your images and Videos

The plain text with no images and videos is the straight pain for the readers. Insert some aesthetically pleasing and relevant images and videos, that do the marketing of your business, in your text.

Optimize these images and videos by changing their name and inserting the ALT tag, make sure the main keyword is present in the name of your videos or images. Adding a description that includes the keyword, in your Alternate text description is an add-on.

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