5 Best Pieces of Advice to Design Your Website in 2021

Your website design is the most important factor that decides that how long an internet surfer will stay on your website. If your Website is cluttered and disorganized, believe us your visitor won’t even have a second thought and switch to the other site that will give them their desire information quickly (obviously due to their better and user-friendly web design).

According to research human attention span is just up to 8 seconds, meaning if in this limited-time your site visitor didn’t get what they want, they won’t stay.

You must be thinking about how can you design your website that doesn’t turn away your visitor?

Hear me out!

Here are the best tips to gain the instant attention of your visitor through your perfect and mess-free website design.

1.    Always Plan Ahead

You have to have a plan, where you are going to put your logo, what options will be on your homepage and how your website menu will be going to look like? You have to figure out all of this before designing your website.

Highlight your business name and logo, place them in a prominent place. Readers are more gravitate towards websites that have prominent logos and business names, so highlight these important bits.

Make a layout for your website, place important info like a short introduction and any call-to-action buttons right in front of your user’s eyes. So that they don’t have to struggle in finding this important information.

2.    Decluttered and Mess-Free

Your main page should be designed in a minimalistic and mess-free way. It should represent the core idea of your website. You can experiment with different color themes to pop up some spice according to the type of your business and blog.

 But keep in mind that decluttering is the key, don’t stuff your main page with long texts. Don’t be afraid of white spaces, they give a break to your readers and make it easy for the readers to process and evaluate information on your web page.

Use images, they are the easiest way to convey the idea, but again just do not use irrelevant images also avoid the stock images. Try to use high-quality, beautiful images that give a personal touch to your business or blog. These kinds of pictures tend to have a higher impact on readers.

3.    Work on your Website’s Readability

Believe me, I know, how much you love your words as a writer, it is a straight fact that no one has the time to read each and every word of your blog ( it hurts, because same). So, it is more important to increase the readability of your website’s content rather than to write big chunks of paragraphs, that would take forever to be digested by readers.

Try to use more headings in your website content so that a reader can easily skim through the article or blog and go to the section of their interest. Bite-size paragraphs and shorter sentences greatly improve the readability of your website.

Use the contrast between your website background and text color. The website color theme should match your business theme, it increases the impact of your website on visitors. Wisely choose the type of font and text size of your website content. These small details help you in the long run.

4.     Focus on call-to-action

If your website is intended to make some sales, don’t forget to make a call-to-action. It’s so much important to promote your business and is the core of your website. If you don’t have any call-to-action button on a prominent place, there are chances your visitor won’t even care to sign up for a purchase.

So, position a call-to-action button right in the front of your reader’s eye to remind them to sign up.

5.    Make your website Mobile Friendly

If you want your website to really outshine and to increase the user interface of your website, make a mobile or tablet-friendly version of your website. Your site visitor should be able to use your website on various devices as easily as on their laptops and computers. Make sure to make the mobile version of your website should be less cluttered and easy to operate.

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