6 Free Animated Icon Templates for After Effects

Icons can be used in a variety of projects when you need to add extra visual appeal or make it easier for people to visualize a concept or memorize something. While icons are usually associated with websites and printed material, you can also use them in your video projects.

There are many animated icon packs available online that you can download and use in your projects or use as inspiration when creating your own. Browse our collection of the best free animated icon packs for Adobe After Effects.

Technicons: Free Animated Business Icons for After Effects (Free)

Technicons is another set of technical icons for After Effects. This icon pack comes with 30+ animated icons to make your projects pop, and you’ll also find a variety of business icons, making this pack suitable for all kinds of projects.

625 Thin Line Icons for After Effects (Envato Elements)

Consider this lovely pack of animated icons if you’re looking for a stylish design. The icons are done up in a modern, thin-line style and are perfect for various projects such as tech videos, fashion videos, and more.

Free Animated Icon Set for Video Editors (Free)

This free icon pack includes 20 different icons that can be used for both business and personal projects. The icons are all pre-rendered footage, so you can use them in any video editing or motion graphics software, and you’ll also get the project file included in the download.

390 Animated Icons (Envato Elements)

Another icon pack with a large selection of different icons that can be used in business, technical, and other types of videos. The icons feature a modern, flat design, and you can change the size and color of each icon.

15 Free Animated Technical Icons for After Effects (Free)

This creative icon pack has 15 different icons that are perfect for any technical niche. Thanks to the intelligent color controller, the template makes it easy to customize the icons with your brand colors.

Social Media Icons for After Effects (Envato Elements)

Consider this social media icon pack if you’re looking for icons with a unique design. This icon pack is an excellent choice for any food-related business or brand that specializes in children’s products and that uses video as part of its marketing strategy.

Free AE Animated Social Icons Pack (Free)

Check out this free icon pack if you need social media icons for your project. You’ll find icons for all major social media networks, and you can use the default colors or customize them with your own.

Flat Animated Icons Library Essential (Envato Elements)

This icon pack includes an impressive number of 1,000 icons that cover almost any niche. You’re bound to use this library repeatedly in your projects, especially since it was designed using flat design.

Animated Flat Design Pack Icons for After Effects (Free)

As the name suggests, this icon pack is another flat icon pack. The package comes with ten free icons that can be used for corporate and business videos.

Anicons: Customizable Icon Library for After Effects (Free)

Consider the Anicons icon pack if you want a complete icon library that can easily be customized. The icon pack allows you to quickly animate and adjust the icon parameters easily. The package contains 40+ icons.

Consider using icons when you need to add extra visual appeal to your video projects. They can help you illustrate abstract concepts and make it easier for viewers to remember information.

With the help of these icon packs, you will be able to make your videos more interesting and use them in as many projects as you’d like.

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