6 Free Animated Typeface Templates for After Effects

An animated typeface is a great way to galvanize your video titles without going through the trouble of having to create a title animation from scratch.

Luckily, several animated typefaces are available online for free that you can use in your video projects. From hi-tech animated typefaces to playful and retro-style typefaces, there is an animated typeface for every type of video.

In this small collection, we have gathered the best-animated typefaces from around the web that you can download and start using in your projects.

Alphabet Free Animated Font & AE Project (Free)

This colorful and attention-grabbing animated font is based on the open-source Google font Roboto. Each letter is a separate file, and you can easily drag and drop each letter into your project.

Animated Lettering Font (with Envato Elements)

The Animated Lettering Font is an excellent choice for a wedding video or a video that promotes a high-end fashion or jewelry company. The font includes a complete alphabet and numbers and a variety of different styles.

Ribbon Free Animated Typeface for Editors (Free)

The Ribbon typeface has a quirky and fun design, making it suitable for brands and businesses catering to a younger audience. You’ll get 78 characters and pre-rendered clips.

PolyNoise Alphabet Animated Typeface (with Envato Elements)

This animated typeface features a glitchy look, so it’s perfect for videos that use glitchy animations. The colors are easy to customize, and you don’t have to worry about dropping each letter on a separate timeline with this typeface.

Alquimia Animated Font on Behance (Free)

The Alquimia Animated Font has a truly unique look. The font can be freely used in both personal and commercial projects, and you can easily modify the colors.

Paper – Grotesque Shady Animated Typeface (with Envato Elements)

The Paper is a perfect choice if you’re working on a video that requires a creative touch. The font includes a full alphabet, numerical characters, basic currency symbols, and basic math symbols.

Helvetica Neue Free After Effects Template (Free)

Consider the Helvetica Neue animated font for your next project that needs a classic touch. This font is an After Effects template with 43 unique letter, number, and punctuation compositions.

Sketch Animated Font After Effects Template (Free)

The Sketch Animated Font is the perfect choice if you’re going for a handwritten look and feel. The font includes capital letters, lower case letters, numbers, and punctuation marks.

Paint on Animated Typeface (with Envato Elements)

The Pain On animated typeface is a must-have if you want to add a unique look to your video. Each character paints white, black, and blue colors, which can easily be customized to your brand colors.

Animography Animated Font for AE (Free)

The Animography font is a full-featured animated font that came about as a collaborative project between 110 animators and one designer. The font has a distinct, bold look, and you can use it for corporate videos.

Kinetic typography is an excellent addition to any video project as it can add extra visual appeal without the need to create animated titles from scratch. Use this collection to find the perfect animated typeface for your next video project.

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