Devs For Ukraine, A Free Online Charity Conference 🇺🇦

In these difficult times, we all are Ukraine. Today we would like to highlight a wonderful initiative from the community: Devs For Ukraine, a free online charity conference in support of Ukraine, organized by the lovely people at Remote.

The conference will take place April 25–26, 2022, with the goal to raise funds and provide support to Ukraine. The funds raised during the two days of the event will be evenly divided between eight non-governmental organizations.

Speakers & Talks

During the two days, you will be learning from engineering leaders from across the globe — front-end speakers and back-end speakers. Topics will include career growth, team leadership, tech’s ability to create a more equitable world, and more.

Day 1

Ben Hong (Senior Staff DX Engineer, Netlify & Vue.js Core Team)
Cassidy Williams (Head of DX and Education, Remote)
Jessica Janiuk (Angular Team, Google)
Addy Osmani (Engineering Manager, Google Chrome)
Volodymyr Agafonkin (Engineer, Mapbox)
Natalia Tepluhina (Staff Frontend Engineer, Gitlab & Vue.js Core Team)
Charlie Gerard (Senior Developer Advocate, Stripe)
Tomasz Łakomy (Frontend Engineer, Stedi)
Dan Abramov (React Team, Meta)

Day 2

Tetiana (Programmer & Creator of Elixircards and Gitcards)
Tobi Pfeiffer (Staff Engineer, Remote)
José Valim (Chief Adoption Officer, Dashbit & Creator of Elixir)
Lilly Chen (Founder, Contenda)
Andreas Klinger (CTO, On Deck)
Aaron Patterson (Shopify)
Sandi Metz (Rubyist)
Vittoria Bitton (Senior Backend Engineer, Remote)
Saša Jurić (Elixir Mentor)
Anjana Vakil (Senior Developer Advocate, Hasura)

Attend & Help

If you’d like to help the cause, you can:

Register to attend,
Share the event with friends, colleagues, and your communities,
Donate directly.

Thank you for your support! 💙💛

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