Free Online Workshop: Frustrating Design Patterns And How To Fix Them

Disabled buttons. Infinite scroll. Poor inline validation. Parallax. Carousels. Modals. Mega-dropdown hover menus. There is plenty of frustration on the web. Let’s fix that. Join us for a free online workshop on Frustrating Design Patterns on September 27 at 9:00 AM PDT / 6PM CET.

In the 2.5h live session we’ll take a close look at some of the confusing and annoying patterns and explore better alternatives alongside plenty of examples and checklists to keep in mind when building or designing one. You’ll walk away with a toolbox of techniques and examples of doing things well — in your product, website, desktop app or mobile app.

We’ll look into carousels, modals, infinite scroll, parallax and scrolljacking, mega-dropdown menus, disabled buttons, inline validation, frozen filters, CAPTCHA, authentication and privacy. Register for the free workshop.

Free online workshop on Frustrating Design Patterns in 2021, and How To Fix Them.

1 × 2.5h live sessions + Q&A. Sep 27.
With all video recordings & slides. Get a free ticket.

Upcoming Live Workshops (Sep–Nov 2021)

We also have plenty of other online workshops coming up in the months to come (some of them with early-bird-pricing!). It goes without saying that we’d love to see you there.

Frustrating Design Patterns in 2021
Vitaly Friedman
1 session Sep 27 free

Accessible Front-End Patterns Masterclass
Carie Fisher
5 sessions Sep 30 – Oct 14 dev

Early birds!

Designing Landing Pages That Sell
Rob Hope
5 sessions Oct 5–19 design

Early birds!

Level-Up With Modern CSS
Stephanie Eckles
5 sessions October 5–20 css

Early birds!

Smart Interface Design Patterns, 2021 Edition
Vitaly Friedman
5 sessions Oct 25 – Nov 8 ux

Migrate From WordPress To A Headless CMS
Alba Silvente
2 sessions Oct 28–29 free

Early birds!

Behavioral Design Workshop
Susan Weinschenk
5 sessions Nov 3–17 ux

Early birds!

Deep Dive On Accessibility Testing
Manuel Matuzović
5 sessions Nov 4–18 dev

Early birds!

Next.js Black Belt 🥋
Átila Fassina
6 sessions Nov 9–24 dev

Early birds!

Design Management Masterclass
Yury Vetrov
5 sessions Dec 1 – Dec 15 ux

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A Sneak Peek

We’ve written already on how we run online workshops at Smashing, and for this one, we expect engaged discussions and participation. Here’s a quick preview of what an online workshop usually looks like:

Online meet-up. Sep 30, 9AM PDT, 6PM CET.
With all video recordings & slides. Get a free ticket.

See You Then!

Thank you so much for your continuous and ongoing support, everyone! And we hope to see you soon — online or offline! ❤️

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