Weekly News for Designers № 604

A framework for building Open Graph images – A look at GitHub’s new Open Graph image generator.

There Is No Such Thing As A CSS Absolute Unit – Learn why CSS units aren’t so absolute after all.

UI patterns & design inspiration from real products – Browse this curated library of screenshots & interaction patterns from the world’s best digital products.

Learn How to Determine Website Project Requirements Like a Pro – Strategies that can help you paint a clearer picture of what a website project will require.

uxbullshit – Read some not-so-recommended UX quotes.

Image optimisation: the ultimate guide – Learn the ins and outs of getting the best performance from your images.

The State of Developer Ecosystem 2021 – Annual look at the latest trends in the tech industry, as well as interesting facts about tools, technologies, programming languages, and many other facets of the programming world.

Will Full Site Editing Help WordPress Themes Finally Reach Their Potential? – How Full Site Editing (FSE) could bring a one-size-fits-all approach to WordPress themes.

Layout with Reveal Animations and Content Preview – Learn to create experimental reveal animations on typographic elements as a repeating pattern.

Prevent unwanted Layout Shifts caused by Scrollbars with the scrollbar-gutter CSS property – How a new CSS property could be a solution to a common problem.

A Web Designer’s Guide to Working on the Go – Tips for staying productive and secure when you’re away from the office.

Advanced CSS Gradient Editor – This free CSS design app is full of useful features.

8 CSS & JavaScript Code Examples for Creating Interactive Timelines – Top examples of timelines that are both attractive and engaging.

Project Hunt – A resource for finding the latest no-code projects.

Is it Time to Ditch the Design Grid? – Why the design grid feels more like a hangover from print than ever.

Thinking About The Cut-Out Effect: CSS or SVG? – Which approach works best for a cut-out effect? Here’s a look at the benefits and drawbacks of each.

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