Weekly News for Designers № 609

Twitter’s div Soup and Uglyfied CSS, Explained – Making sense of Twitter’s “ugly” source code.

README Gen – Use this tool to generate a README file for your GitHub projects.

10 WordPress Plugins for Email Marketing Management – Combine the power of WordPress with your favorite email service.

Surface Sampling in Three.js – Learn how to use the MeshSurfaceSampler in Three.js to create interesting effects.

You want enabling CSS selectors, not disabling ones – This quick tutorial will take you inside the world of “enabling” CSS selectors.

Taking Inspiration from the Humble Shopping Cart – The history and lessons behind this everyday object.

A Deep Dive Into The Wonderful World Of SVG Displacement Filtering – Dig into SVG animated displacement maps with this exampled-filled tutorial.

AI movie posters – This collection of movie posters was generated by AI, based on a brief description. Can you guess what they are?

An Interactive Guide to Keyframe Animations – Learn the various quirks behind CSS keyframe animations.

How to Help Your Clients Choose the Right eCommerce Payment Gateway – Things to consider before selecting this vital piece to an eCommerce website.

Week 19: Backflip 2 – A look behind the scenes of the Backflip font.

10 Best Stationery Templates for Creating Professional Documents – Make sure your print documents are immaculate by using one of these outstanding templates.

Icon Horse – This tool will help you access the favicon from any website.

Bits – Check out this library of useful Bootstrap and Tailwind CSS snippets.

40 Free Photoshop Actions for Adding Vintage Effects to Your Photos – Easily add a vintage feel to your images with these handy Photoshop actions.

Styler – This CSS builder will help you build a hashnode blog with flair.

Basement Grotesque – Grab a copy of this new, extra-bold font inspired by 19th-century grotesque typefaces.

A Future of Design Without Designers? – The rise of automation and one of its potential outcomes.

Bootstrap Turns 10: A Look at Its Impact on the Web – A look at how the design framework has managed to continue its growth a decade in.

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