Weekly News for Designers № 611

Welcome to the W3C design system – A look at how the W3C’s design system is structured. You can even download templates for use in your own projects.

How to Work With Both Good & Bad Design Clients – How to determine which clients are worth the trouble and which ones you should just skip over.

CSS Container Query Units – Experimenting with CSS container queries using different units.

Paper to HTML Converter – Check out an experimental prototype that aims to render scientific papers in HTML.

Doodle Ipsum – Create custom doodles for use on your project prototypes, etc.

10 WordPress Plugins to Help Improve Website Accessibility – A wide selection of tools to help us meet the challenges of accessibility.

Purity UI Dashboard – Grab a copy of this free ReactJS Dashboard based on Chakra UI.

Koloicons – A fully-customizable library of 3,000+ free SVG icons.

Mechanic – An open-source framework that makes it easy to create custom, web-based design tools that export design assets right in your browser.

Clients Make Too Many UX Decisions. Here’s How to Stop Them. – Tips for inviting client feedback while keeping them at a safe distance from UX.

iPod.js – This JavaScript app uses the familiar iPod Classic UI and pairs it with the ability to connect with popular streaming services.

Basic Pattern Repository – A collection of simple and seamless SVG patterns that you can copy and paste into projects.

Faust.js, the Framework For Headless WordPress – Take a peek at WPEngine’s new headless WordPress framework.

Grainy Gradients – Learn how to create noise effects with CSS and SVG.

Tips for Improving the Core Web Vitals of Your WordPress Website – Optimize your site’s performance and stay in Google’s good graces.

iPhone 13 Mockup (FREE) – Add the latest iPhone to your device mockup collection with this free Figma file.

Create Content That Targets Your Existing Design Clients – Write informative content that is sure to pique your client’s interest.

Tove – This new WordPress theme takes advantage of Full Site Editing (FSE) and the Gutenberg block editor.

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