Weekly News for Designers № 615

DOOM Rendered via Checkboxes – Check out this playable version of the classic game recreated with checkboxes.

In Web Design, Easier Doesn’t Always Mean Better – Why products that promise an easier experience may not be the best option.

WebVitalsRobot – Analyze your website and be alerted when its Core Web Vitals scores go down.

CSS is Going Gosh-Darned Hog Wild, I Tell Ya What – A look at new CSS features that are examples of progress and innovation.

Redesigning PowerToys for Windows 11 – How the PowerToys project adapted to Microsoft’s latest OS.

Building a multi-select component – How to build a responsive, adaptive, and accessible, multiselect component for sort and filter user experiences.

8 ASCII Artwork Snippets That Utilize CSS & JavaScript – How old-school ASCII artwork is being super-charged by the latest web technologies.

futurecoder – This free tool will help you learn Python from scratch.

replace-jquery – A library that locates jQuery methods in your project and provides vanilla JS alternatives.

25 Quirky & Highly Creative Free Fonts for Designers – These free fonts may not be for everyone, but they will undoubtedly help get your creative juices flowing.

Free iPhone 13 Mockup – Download this collection of 30 high-quality mockups for Apple’s flagship phone.

The Types of Freelance Design Clients You Should Avoid – Why it will always cost you more to maintain a bad client than it’s worth.

iconsax – A collection of 1,000 icons, featuring six different style variations.

Smart CSS Solutions For Common UI Challenges – Learn how to solve common problems with modern CSS.

20 Beautifully Designed Coming Soon Pages for Inspiration – Get inspired and create anticipation for your projects with these outstanding coming soon pages.

CSS background patterns – Find your new favorite background with this free CSS generator.

CSS Nesting, specificity and you – How native CSS nesting will impact your workflow.

Focus – A collaboration platform for designers, developers and product teams, directly within Adobe XD.

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