Weekly News for Designers № 616

51 git commands that you’ll ever need to get started with Git – This handy reference provides need-to-know git commands.

Repetitive Typography Animation – Check out this experimental typography animation, where words get duplicated several times.

Typographica Library – Level up your typography game with this digital bookshelf of type and lettering resources.

8 Free Maintenance & Coming Soon Plugins for WordPress – Use these free plugins to inform your visitors about ongoing maintenance or a brand-new site.

CSS Squid Game – Squid Game challenges, recreated using pure CSS.

Expandable Sections Within a CSS Grid – Learn how to create a full-width, expandable section that works beautifully with CSS Grid.

For Casual Users, Information on New WordPress Features Can Be Hard to Find – Some ideas for closing the WordPress knowledge gap.

HOCUS :FOCUS – Get into the Halloween spirit with this keyboard accessibility horror game.

Lorem.space – This placeholder image API features movie posters, fashion images and other real-world items.

2021 Design Tools Survey – Take this annual survey and share your experience with design tools.

Is It Really Worthwhile Having a Personal Portfolio? – Why a portfolio site may not be as valuable as it used to be.

Nord Design System – Get inspired by this publicly-available design system from Nordhealth.

Evaluating Clever CSS Solutions – Clever CSS tricks are nice, but usually not necessary.

Definitive edition of “How to Favicon in 2021” – A look at implementing favicons that work across devices and use cases.

Defining a Vision for Your Web Design Business – A look at some ways to better understand who you are and what you want out of web design.

uiGradients – Find your favorite gradients with this collection of copy-and-paste styles.

Compressio – Save precious bandwidth with this image compression tool.

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