Weekly News for Designers № 619

UI cheat sheet: Accordions – There are more to accordions than meets the eye. This guide will show you everything you need to know.

Free Practical Guide to Web Animation – The guide introduces web animation techniques with examples and tips on how to use them.

The 40 Best Free Bootstrap 5 Templates & Themes in 2021 – Find the perfect free Bootstrap template for your next project.

Useful React Hooks That You Can Use In Your Projects – Examples of how React Hooks make for an easier development experience.

Why developers are so divided over WordPress – The pros and cons of the world’s most popular CMS.

HTML and CSS Handwritten Cheat Sheets – Use this small eBook to learn the ins and outs of CSS layouts

refine – Use this React-based framework to build data-intensive applications.

8 Powerful Plugins for Integrating Social Media into WordPress – Add all manner of social media functionality to your website with these plugins.

Pearl UI – A design-system-driven UI framework for building mobile apps with React.

Repobeats – Add highly-visual insights to your GitHub repositories with this tool.

Photorealistic Mockup: Shadows + Slides Grid – A free Figma mockup to show off your slide designs.

Exploring Web Development History with Richard MacManus – One writer’s quest to document the earliest days of web development technology.

Add-to-Calendar Button – This JavaScript snippet lets users add your event to a multitude of calendar apps.

Sizze – Figma to React Native – Create an app prototype and instantly export it to React Native code.

FaviconCheck – This tool will show you how your site’s favicon will look on various devices.

8 HTML Code Snippets for Creating Responsive Newsletter Templates – A collection of sharply-designed snippets that cover a variety of potential use cases.

Quick and Dirty Bootstrap Overrides at Runtime – This tutorial can help you work around some challenging situations with Bootstrap.

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