Weekly News for Designers № 620

330 React Interview Questions – Perhaps the most comprehensive collection of React JS interview questions you’ll ever find.

The Power of Automating WordPress – A look at WordPress automation tools and basic examples of what they can do for you.

Layout patterns – Check out this collection of CSS layouts for common UI elements.

Parallax Powered by CSS Custom Properties – A step-by-step guide to creating some unique parallax effects.

JOY.JS – This JavaScript library provides a fun GUI for creating your own tools.

10 WordPress Plugins to Supercharge Advanced Custom Fields – Power up your usage of ACF with these companion plugins.

Flip, Invert, and Reverse – Learn some handy SVG transformation techniques with this tutorial.

Slideshow with Filter Reveal Effect – The steps behind building a slideshow page layout with a filter enhanced navigation effect.

Stop Worrying About People Stealing Your Ideas – Why you don’t need to be paranoid about others taking your ideas.

RegexLearn – This tool will help you learn RegEx with step-by-step instructions.

A Guide To Modern CSS Colors With RGB, HSL, HWB, LAB And LCH – Some advice on the not-so-obvious things you have to keep in mind when handling colors in CSS today.

25 Free Bootstrap Dashboard & Admin Templates – Find the perfect free Bootstrap template for your application’s dashboard.

Using Position Sticky With CSS Grid – Learn how to make sticky elements play nicely with the modern CSS layout technique.

Runno – Use this tool to create runnable code examples.

How WordPress Full Site Editing Could Impact the Design Process – This new feature has the potential to change how we design for WordPress.

Swiffy Slider – A slider and carousel script that takes advantage of modern browser technology.

BubblesJS – A visualization framework that provides a variety of chart types, filters and KPIs that can be composed to create cross connected dashboards.

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