Weekly News for Designers № 622

Don’t Let Legacy Software Stop You from Adopting the Latest Web Technologies – Reasons why you may not need to hold back on implementing the web’s latest and greatest.

Algorithms in JavaScript with visual examples. – This guide will show you how to leverage algorithms to solve problems.

Blender 3.0 – Check out the latest version of the popular 3D/2D content creation app.

20 Free Bootstrap UI Kits – Use these Bootstrap 4 and 5 kits as a starting point for your projects.

Emoji to Scale – A unique library that displays emoji at scale.

2021 Design Tools Survey – A look at how the design industry continues to shift in the remote world.

a11y myths – This resource debunks some of the most common website accessibility myths.

The State of UX in 2022 – Designers in 2022 have a unique opportunity to rebuild our practice with a new perspective, incorporating all we’ve learned since the start of the pandemic.

What Are the Biggest Threats to Freelance Web Designers? – Long-term survival in this industry is not a guarantee. But there are things you can do to prepare yourself.

Open Props – This open-source library aims to “supercharge” CSS variables.

Printvetica – Download this sans-serif font with rough edges – perfect for a vintage look.

Top 50 Free Icon Sets for Web Designers – A collection of beautiful and modern icon sets worth downloading.

Modern CSS in a Nutshell – Vanilla CSS is incredibly powerful. So much that pre-processors may not be as necessary these days.

PlainAdmin – Need a dashboard template? Check out this Bootstrap 5 offering.

docs.page – Use this tool to instantly create GitHub docs with zero configuration.

10 Totally Free WordPress Backup Plugins – Prepare your website for mishaps or migration with these free backup plugins.

To the Third Dimension – A collection of free abstract 3D elements for designers and founders.

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