Weekly News for Designers № 624

Doodle CSS – This HTML/CSS theme will give your site a hand drawn look.

The State of CSS 2021 – The annual look at CSS trends that made news in 2021.

12 Days of Web – Check out this year-end celebration of fundamental web technologies.

Guess CSS! – A CSS game where you guess which code snippet matches a layout.

The 2021 WordPress Year in Review – The biggest developments for the world’s most popular CMS.

Pico.css – A minimal CSS framework that features styles for all native HTML elements and includes a dark mode.

The ideal line length & line height in web design – Learn how to set up your typography’s line length and height with this tutorial.

Tips for Running a WordPress Multisite Network – Helpful hints for keeping your WordPress multisite install running in tip-top shape.

GD.CSS – This library promises an accessible alternative to HTML5 CSS resets.

8 Essential Free Plugins for WordPress Multisite – Add some outstanding functionality to your multisite network with these plugins.

Writing Better CSS – A look at scenarios where modern techniques can reduce the complexity of your code.

Capsize – This library makes the sizing and layout of text as predictable as every other element on the screen.

Tasks Freelance Web Designers Should Consider Outsourcing – Common scenarios where it may be more effective to hire a helping hand.

An introduction to UI sounds – How sound can be utilized to create a better user experience.

The history of data journalism – A historical take on every critical breakthrough from the 1950s until today.

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