Weekly News for Designers № 626

IndexNow Plugin – Microsoft Bing’s WordPress plugin will submit your content to multiple search engines without having to register or verify your website.

Crafting Scroll Based Animations in Three.js – This tutorial will demonstrate creating a scroll-based animation using WebGL.

Smoothly Reverting CSS Animations – A technique for ensuring your CSS animations revert gracefully.

CSS in 2022 – Here’s what to expect from CSS in the new year.

octolink – Check out this link sharing app for GitHub repositories.

The Year in Type – Look back at some typographic highlights from 2021.

A not so gentle intro to web3 – Get up to speed on the good, bad, and ugly of Web3.

Should You Charge for Website Project Estimates? – Feel like you’re wasting valuable time with project estimates? Charging a fee may be the solution.

The 10 Best Free Security Plugins for WordPress – Keep your WordPress website safe with this collection of free plugins.

Should CSS Override Default Browser Styles? – Some thoughts on drawing a line between what should or shouldn’t be tweaked by CSS.

8 techniques to write cleaner JavaScript code – Tips for crafting squeaky-clean JavaScript.

Free Figma Bootstrap 5 UI Kit – Get your projects off to a quick start with this collection of prebuilt components and layouts.

Accessibility posters – Use this collection of posters as a reference for designing more accessible services.

Pika – This web-based tool will help you build beautiful screenshots.

Promoting Your Freelance Services the Right Way – Three ways designers often drive the wrong kind of traffic to their websites.

Olson Brand Identity and Style Guide – Use this collection of free Figma components to create a branding guide for your projects.

8 Magical CSS & JavaScript Snippets Celebrating Harry Potter – Celebrate the wizarding world with these fun code snippets.

Squidge – Use this free WordPress plugin to compress your images utilizing the latest techniques.

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