Weekly News for Designers № 632

20 Free High-Resolution Brush Packs for Adobe Illustrator – Add some unique elements to your Illustrator projects with these free brushes.

Pagify – This online tool promises to turn your Google Doc into a mobile-friendly website.

The Most Popular Front-end Frameworks in 2022 – A look at what’s trending, along with their respective pros and cons.

Subsetting Font Awesome to Improve Performance – This tutorial will show you how to subset Font Awesome so that it only loads the icons you need.

10 Free WordPress Plugins to Help with Legal Compliance – These handy plugins will help you comply with GDPR, VAT, and other regulations.

Implications Of WordPress Joining The Block Protocol – WordPress could play a key role in blocks that are portable across applications.

Building an adaptive favicon – Learn how to create an SVG favicon that adapts to both light and dark modes.

25 Free Magazine & Editorial Layout Templates for InDesign – Get your publication off to a great start with these beautiful templates.

Say hello to Roboto Serif – This new Google Font is designed for superior readability at any size.

The State of JS 2021 – A look at the biggest JavaScript trends of the year.

Open source, Open hearts – Pay it forward and send a friendly greeting to your favorite open-source contributors.

Hello, CSS Cascade Layers – Explore how cascade layers work, and how they will help us write CSS with more confidence.

8 CSS & JavaScript Snippets for Creating Cool Card UI Hover Effects – Add a little something extra to your card UIs with inspiration from these examples.

Contextful Web Components Library – A simpler and more powerful way to build future-proof web libraries and applications.

Vizzu – Create animated data stories and visualizations with this free JavaScript library.

Mozaik – A collection of free web components for use with your Webflow projects.

Is WordPress Pushing Freelancers Away? – New features are making it easier for non-designers to use WordPress. But does that come at a cost for freelancers?

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