Weekly News for Designers № 633

Coding & Confusion – There’s more to reading code than meets the eye.

Writing Logic in CSS – How to build a smart and flexible style system using CSS.

25 Tutorials For Getting More Out of Adobe InDesign – Use this collection of tutorials to level up your InDesign skills.

comiCSS – Enjoy a laugh with this web comic that’s all about CSS (and coded with it, too).

How to Identify Your Ideal Web Design Projects – A guide to defining and booking your ideal projects.

How To Benchmark And Improve Web Vitals With Real User Metrics – A look at the correlation between Core Web Vitals and actual user metrics.

8 CSS Snippets That Bring Claymorphism to Life – Explore the softly-detailed 3D shapes that make up this design trend.

Comic Sans is a good typeface, actually – A different take on the font that so many of us love to hate.

What makes writing more readable? – Tips for making writing easier to read.

The Modern Challenges of Starting a Freelance Web Design Business – The challenges new freelancers face and how to successfully navigate them.

Flexbox Dynamic Line Separator – Learn how to create a CSS line separator that changes orientation based on screen size.

Minimal Portfolio Template – Create a beautiful portfolio with this free website template built with NextJS.

A few UI differences between Chinese and English apps – An examination of how cultural differences can affect the UX of an app.

Hawk – This tool will help you discover and resolve code errors.

10 Powerful Plugins for Visualizing Data in WordPress – Bring your data to life with charts, graphs, and other popular visualizations.

Doodle Icons – Grab this collection of 400+ handcrafted icons for use in your next project.

Relume Library Figma Kit – A free library of over 700 Figma components to improve your workflow.

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