Weekly News for Designers № 634

Markdown Badges – This collection of badges features a variety of social networks, frameworks, and libraries.

10 Free WordPress Block Themes That Utilize Full Site Editing – Experience the future of WordPress with this collection of free block themes.

Creating Native Web Components – Learn how to create and use native web components with the Minze JavaScript framework.

New CSS Features In 2022 – A look at new features, what they do, and when you can start using them.

Dev Army Knife – This toolkit aims to help web developers with common tasks.

How to Handle Ethical Disagreements With Your Design Clients – Learn the process behind dealing with clients who’s requests make you uncomfortable.

Annual Awards 2021 – Recognizing the talents and achievements of the Awwwards community.

Open Web Advocacy – This group of software engineers wants to advocate for the open web.

Tips for Collaborating with Other Web Designers – Working with other designers can be a challenge – especially for solo freelancers. Here are some tips for effective collaboration.

lwder.js – Check out this lightweight loading animation library.

15 Stunning Lightroom Presets for Fashion Photoshoots – A collection of fantastic filters and effects for all your fashion shots.

Almond.CSS – Use this collection of class-less CSS styles to improve the look of basic websites.

Huemint – This tool uses machine learning to create unique color schemes.

Tailwind CSS – What’s the Big Deal Anyway? – If you are asking yourself “Why is Tailwind CSS such hot stuff?” – this post is for you.

Exploring the WordPress Block Pattern Directory – This new feature makes it easy to copy and paste custom layouts.

Kicker – Email Design System For Startup – Download this free email design system for use with Figma.

Say Hello to selectmenu, a Fully Style-able select Element – Finally, a select box that can be completley customized!

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