Weekly News for Designers № 643

PowerToys – 11 awesome features Microsoft won’t add to Windows – Add handy features to your Windows computer with this free download.

It’s time we fix the unethical design of cookie consent windows – Thoughts on creating a more transparent cookie consent UI.

Contextual Spacing For Intrinsic Web Design – Learn how to coexist with unpredictable browsing environments through spacing.

25 Free Watercolor Brush Sets for Adobe Photoshop – Add all manner of watercolor effects to your images with these Photoshop brush sets.

Scrollex – A react library that lets you build beautiful scroll experiences using minimal code.

Free illustrator Colour Palettes+ Pack – Get inspired with this pay-what-you-want collection of color palettes.

Building a combined CSS-aspect-ratio-grid – Tips for building a layout that requires multiple image aspect ratios.

What to Know Before Using Social Media APIs on Your Website – Social media APIs can be beneficial, but they’re not without risk.

You Don’t Need A UI Framework – Why UI frameworks rarely deliver on their promised convenience and efficiency.

Drop-in Minimal CSS – Easily add minimal CSS boilerplates to your projects with this handy tool.

Learn CSS Subgrid – Discover the purpose of subgrid and how it will make CSS Grid even more powerful.

Why You Should Simplify Your Designs for the Smartest User – How to simplify your designs using the very same principles a chef uses.

Syntax Highlighting (and More!) With Prism on a Static Site – The secrets behind adding syntax highlighting on a Next.js-powered blog.

Image Trail Animation for an Intro – An intro animation concept with an initial loader and an intro screen that animates to a new layout using various effects.

The 10 Best Plugins for Adding eCommerce to WordPress – Whether you need an all-in-one solution or something niche, WordPress has an eCommerce solution for everybody.

WordPress 6.0 Release Candidate 1 – Get a first-hand look at what’s coming to WordPress 6.0.

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