Weekly News for Designers № 653

How I Experience the Web Today – Cookie consent banners, annoying push notification requests, and distracting ads – they’re all here!

The History of User Interfaces – Take a tour through various UIs that have marked the past five decades.

After Internet Explorer, Who Will Be the Web’s Next Nemesis? – It just so happens that the modern web has several potential candidates.

Tiny Grid Layout Animation – Learn to build a layout transition where a small grid animates to a larger view.

Avoiding <img> layout shifts: aspect-ratio vs width & height attributes – This guide demonstrates how to use the latest aspect ratio techniques.

The Many Faces of Themeable Design Systems – Methods for building flexibility into a design system.

Why Community Is Essential for Freelance Web Designers – Working alone doesn’t mean you should feel alone.

PrimeReact – React developers will want to check out this library of 80+ UI components.

50 Free Rust Textures – Give your projects a worn, industrial look with this collection of hand-made textures.

Technical Writing for Developers – Why writing about code is as important as the code itself.

6 Free Animated Icon Templates for After Effects – Add some visual appeal to videos with these handy icon template packs.

Level Up Your Headings Game – A resource for learning why headings are important and tips for using them effectively.

Resumary OneClick – Save Jobs to Sheets – This Chrome extension lets you save job postings from various sites to a Google Sheet.

The 20 Best Templates for Creating Geometric Logos – Get a head start on your logo creation process with these templates.

WordPress installer attack race – Follow along as an automated attacker compromises a fresh WordPress install.

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