Weekly News for Designers № 654

12 APIs that you as a developer will love – Need content for your project? Use one of these free APIs.

How to Minimize Wasted Time during a Web Design Project – Tips for making more productive moments during your web design projects.

Resolving Conflicts Between Designers And Engineers – Strategies to help you work through challenging situations.

How we redesigned the Chrome icon – Take a behind-the-scenes look at the browser’s refreshed identity.

20 Free Abstract Photoshop Brush Packs – Use these free brushes to add unique effects to your images.

User Diary Studies – Discover this effective research method for evaluating user behavior long-term.

Propstar – This Figma plugin generates all possible instances of a component, allowing you to style them appropriately.

Logical Properties for Useful Shorthands – A quick example of how CSS logical properties can save you from having to write the same code twice.

UI Buttons – A collection of copy-and-paste CSS button styles to use in your projects.

GitHub City – This tool will create a 3D “city” from your GitHub contributions.

10 Fantastic Templates for Creating a Slideshow & Gallery in After Effects – Just add your images, and you’ll create an After Effects slideshow in minutes, not hours.

Bright Mode WordPress Theme – A new block theme for those who love modern design and vibrant colors.

Poe WordPress Theme – Check out this clean, flexible and very fast block theme built for portfolios and blogs.

You Can Now Create Your Own Block Theme Within WordPress – Thanks to an experimental plugin, you can build your own theme without ever leaving WordPress.

How to advertise to developers: deep dive into paid developer marketing – Tips for marketing to an audience that doesn’t like traditional ads.

Is What’s Good for Gutenberg Also Good for WordPress? – They may be tied at the hip, but is there a point where their interests diverge?

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