Weekly News for Designers № 656

Ripple Icon Library – Grab this free library of 500+ icons for use with Figma.

CSS border animations – Techniques for creating unique animated border effects.

How to Effectively Critique a Client’s Ideas – Ways to share your opinion without offending clients.

Fluid Sizing Instead Of Multiple Media Queries? – Learn a different approach to creating responsive design features.

Large Image to Content Page Transition – Follow along as this tutorial demonstrates a simple scroll effect and page transition.

What I Learned from Building a Multilingual WordPress Website – Tips for making your website available in multiple languages.

:has(): the family selector – Examples and use cases for this handy CSS selector.

kmenu – This library promises a “refined, accessible and faster” website navigation experience.

Developing a Sense of Mythology Around Your Designs – How to craft a compelling narrative that captivates clients as well as viewers.

Minimal UI Kit – A free React admin dashboard with Material UI components.

Tomodoro – A pomodoro web app with PIP mode, white noise generation, tasks and more.

10 Stunning Templates for Creating Event Posters in Photoshop & Illustrator – Promote your event in style using one of these handy poster templates.

WordPress Block Themes: Who Will Lead the Way? – Why leadership may be the key to the mainstream success of block themes.

Winamp, the Vintage MP3 Software, Is Officially Back – A staple of the early 2000s is back in development.

WordPress.org Redesign – Take a peek at the new home and download pages for the WordPress project.

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